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Store Policies


Mug Revolution uses a secure payment processor - Payments are instantaneous, which means that we process your coffee mug order immediately. We also accept payment by check or money order through the mail. Please make checks payable to "Mug Revolution" and keep in mind that your order will be sent once we verify the funds. Include a note with your check indicating the mug quantity and color choice, as well as a way for us to contact you if we have any questions. To get the mailing address, please send a message using the contact page, and I will respond with the mailing address. Orders paid with a check or money order are subject to a waiting period until the funds have cleared. Oregon does not have a sales tax.

Shipping & Delivery

All U.S. orders ship via USPS (United States Post Office) using Priority Mail. Delivery times are normally 2-3 days. A confirmation e-mail with a USPS tracking number is e-mailed to the customer at the time the order is shipped. International orders also ship using USPS. 

For international orders, you can choose Priority Mail International, or for orders of 1 or 2 mugs, First Class International. It is important to note that Priority Mail International is traceable using the tracking number, but First Class Mail International is only traceable to the point the package exited the United States using the Customs number that is associated with the shipping label. 

Mug Revolution is not responsible for packages that do not arrive when shipped via First Class International. Use this service at your own risk. (For what it's worth, over the years I have sent out dozens and dozens of mugs using First Class International and only one of them did not get to it's destination.)

In the event that you report that your order did not arrive to you but the Post Office scan shows that the package was delivered, Mug Revolution will file an insurance claim on your behalf. If the Post Office approves the claim, the amount of the claim will be refunded back to you. This amount may or may not cover the entire price that you paid for your order. Single mugs are not insured; double mug boxes are insured for $25, and quadruple mug boxes are insured for $50 (all USD). The same policy applies if you have received a box that has been tampered with and some of the contents have been stolen. However, in all cases the Post Office must pay for the claim; if they do not, no refund will be given.


Mainstay Mugs and Signature Mugs may be returned, unused and undamaged, for a refund. Mug Revolution will refund 95% of the original amount paid for the mug(s). There is a 5% cost on the order total to cover the cost of the credit card processing fees as there are fees charged to Mug Revolution both when an order is placed and when an order is credited. Please return the item(s) within two weeks of receiving them. Mug Revolution is not responsible for your return shipping costs, and the refund given for the return will not include the original shipping cost of the mugs to you. (In other words, you are responsible for shipping costs to have the mug(s) delivered to you, and you are responsible for the return shipping costs to get the mug(s) delivered back to Mug Revolution. Should a return mug be damaged in transit no refund will be given. Please insure the contents of the box in the event your carrier damages the mug(s) in transit back to Mug Revolution.

Sorry, but no refunds on Mug Builder mugs or Custom Logo Mugs. In the event of a flaw in one of these types of mugs, Mug Revolution will remake the mug in the next available firing and send it to you at no cost. A photo of the mug in question is requested, and you may be asked to send the mug back for further inspection. If it is determined that there was a flaw in the manufacturing process, Mug Revolution will pay the cost of return shipping.

Shipping Damage

Please get in touch immediately using the contact page. Please do not discard the shipping boxes or broken or damaged mug(s) until your claim has been resolved. You will be asked in my response message to e-mail photos of the damages, which include images of the damage to the exterior of the packaging material. In the event that you do not provide photos of the damaged mug(s) and packaging materials, and make the shipping boxes available to the Post Office for inspection, (they will pick them up) you void the right to get product replacement on damaged shipments. Once I have the photos and have verified that the post office has begun processing the claim, (which includes the possibility that they will pick up the packaging materials for inspection) I will ship you replacement mugs right away if they are in stock, or as soon as I can re-make your order.

I know the above might sound like mugs break all the time in shipping. The reality, however, is that out of every 2000 or so mugs I ship every year, 4-5 are damaged in transit. I bet you'd like those as batting stats if you were a professional baseball player!

Canceling an Order

Should you decide to cancel an order, there is a $5.00 (USD) fee plus 5% of the order total (including shipping and handling fees as applicable). Please read the item descriptions before placing an order, and if necessary, contact us if you have any questions about ordering prior to placing your order. If you have ordered a custom mug and it is in production prior to your cancellation request, Mug Revolution will charge for the time and materials used for your mugs at the time your request was sent plus $5.00 (USD). 

Delivery Dates 

Custom mugs ship within 48 hours of the scheduled ship date. While I am almost always successful in getting mugs shipped out on or before the date that is scheduled when you place your order, please keep in mind that unforseen circumstances sometimes get in the way of plans. Inclement weather can affect when the kiln can be fired, illness can cause problems as Mug Revolution is a one person business, etc. etc. Rest assured that I do my best to get the orders out when I said I will - and thank you for your patience when I'm a bit late. Your awesome mug is worth the wait!