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Pottery Making Resources

For the aspiring potter, I've compiled a listing of some good sources of information of making pottery. Feel free to contact me if you know of a resource that will be helpful to aspiring potters and I'll gladly add it!


There are tons of great videos available on YouTube. My current favorite videos are done by Hsin-Chuen Lin, who teaches pottery in the San Fransico Bay Area. Do a search for pottery, handmade pottery, clay, or the name of a potter you'd like to see. Here are a few short videos done by yours truly.


Ceramics Monthly

Clay Times

Studio Potter

Books That I Find Useful

Functional Pottery - Robin Hopper - ISBN 0--87341-817-4 This book really helps you think about the end use of the piece you are making. Many photos, an excellent all around guide to making functional pottery.

The Ceramic Spectrum - Robin Hopper - ISBN 0-8019-7275-2 This book focuses on helping you to understand how glazes are formulated, and how to work with a formula to get the final look you are after.

Clay and Glazes for the Potter - Daniel Rhodes/Robin Hopper - ISBN 0-87341-863-8 Robin Hopper updates the classic text.

The Art Of Firing - Nils Lou - ISBN 1-889250-11-2 If you are firing any non-electric kiln, this small book will help you understand how to get the best out of your kiln and how to fire it properly. Also includes plans for kilns, and great info on using ITC coatings.

The Complete Guide to High Fire Glazes - John Britt - ISBN 1-57990-425-4 An excellent collection of glaze recipes and variations, for those firing in the cone 10 reduction range. Great information on glaze materials.

The Kiln Book - Frederick Olsen - ISBN 0-8019-7071-7 If you want information on how to build your own kiln, this book is indispensable. Includes plans for kilns, burners, and burner systems, including a fast fire wood kiln.


I love how many clay-centric blogs there are! A couple I enjoy:

Phoenix Rising (Robin Hopper's excellent blog!)

Tony and Sheila Clennell

Clay and Clay Supplies

I heartily recommend the good folks at Clay Art in Tacoma, Washington. They are very knowledgeable folks and extremely helpful, and have the best prices on shipping for large orders (1 ton or more) that I've found on the west coast. They also make fantastic clay bodies, one of which I use in making your mugs.