Mug Revolution - Handmade Coffee Mugs
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Mug Sizes and Colors

Mug Revolution offers the following glaze colors: Sand Storm, Black, Blue, Chestnut, Green/Blue, Desert Sage, and Chestnut. Please note that color variations from firing to firing (and even in the same kiln firing) are normal; your mug may look slightly different that the photos on the website. 

 Coffee Mug Sizes

Our coffee mugs come in three sizes: 8, 12, and 16 ounce capacity. The image below shows the mug measurement in inches. The 8 ounce mug is quite small, best suited for children or for serving espresso. The 6 ounce mug is even smaller in capacity. It has the same dimensions as the 8 ounce mug, it's just not as wide in the girth.


Most folks comment on how light the mug feels when they first pick one up. Occasionally someone will e-mail and ask how much an actual mug weighs (without coffee in it, of course!). A 12 oz. capacity mug weighs in somewhere in the 13 ounce range and a 16 oz. capacity mug weighs somewhere in the 15 ounce range. Putting a name or logo on the mug adds an ounce or so.

A note about the sizes: Handmade means that there are slight variations in the stated mug sizes and capacities (though not by much - one gets pretty good after having made 25,000 mugs or so by hand!)