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Common Questions

Q: Are the mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?


Q: Are the glazes certified lead-free?

Yes, the glazes are certified lead and cadmium free. For more information on lab test results done on the mugs, click here.

Q: Do you make the mugs from non-toxic clay?

Yes. The clay that is used to make your mugs is certified 100% non-toxic, and is made from raw materials from the USA. The clay manufacturer, Clay Art Center in Tacoma, Washington states the following on the MSDS for the clay used to make your mugs: "This product (and all of its components) is in compliance with the U.S. EPA 15 U.S. C.2604 regulation. This product is certified as NON-TOXIC, and conforms to ASTMD-4236 and C-1023 under the federal Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA)."

Q: Where are all the personalized mugs? You used to have a lot of different ones to choose from and now they are gone!

In July 2012, Mug Revolution introduced the Mug Builder. This unique way of ordering mugs gives you many options to customize a mug. In the Mug Builder, you can choose a thumb rest, logo, and add personalization - mix and match depending on your preferences. 

Q: What side of the mug should I choose for a personalized or logo mug?

Most people choose to have the name or logo (or in some cases name and logo) facing away from them as they sip from the mug using their predominant hand. On some mugs you really should follow this, as the name and logo can come up very close to the rim of the mug and make drinking difficult if not impossible without drippling. The logo left/logo right orientation is determined by looking at the side of the mug and looking directly at the handle. Orders specified with logo right will have the logo placed on the mug to the right of the handle, orders specified with logo left have the logo placed to the left hand side of the handle. For right handed folks, choosing the right side of the handle ("logo right") places the name/logo on the opposite side of the mug as they are taking a drink. (If you are a left handed drinker, you would see the "logo right" logo as you are drinking out of the mug while holding the mug in your left hand, and if you chose logo left the logo would face away from you when you take a sip from the mug.) I also think that in the case of a corporate logo mug, you get more advertising for your business if others can see the logo as the mug owner takes a drink. However, it is entirely up to you!

Q: When will my mug ship?

Mugs that are in stock ship within 24 hours of your order being placed, unless otherwise noted on the website. (Sometimes I go on vacation and cannot process or ship orders until I get back to the studio - I always place a note on the home page stating this.) Because Mug Revolution is a one person company, there may be a short delay in shipping your custom mug order. While I do the best that I can to ship on the date that was set as the ship date for custom orders, illness and other events outside of my control sometimes conspire to work against my schedule. If there will be a delay of more than a few days, you will be notified by e-mail. 

Q: Why is there a handling charge on my order?

The handling charge is added to your order to partially cover the cost of packaging your order. Boxes, tape, shipping label, fragile labels, cornstarch packing peanuts and labor all have a cost associated with them. The handling charge is kept to a minimum, and in fact does not fully cover the actual cost.

Q: Do you charge more than the actual shipping cost?

No. The shipping calculator in the shopping cart is tied directly to the United States Postal Services calculator. We do not pad the shipping cost. Please continue reading for more information on shipping to countries outside of the United States.


Q: Why does it take up to 6 weeks to get a custom mug made?

I make the mugs in batches, and each kiln load holds 250 mugs. So, depending on when you place your order, it can take up to 6 weeks for your custom mug to arrive. Keep in mind that in addition to doing all the work involved in making the mugs, I wear every other hat necessary to run a one-person business, from answering the phone, responding to e-mails, marketing, shipping, etc. I feel strongly that turning Mug Revolution into a larger company would take away the quality and care that I painstakingly put into making each mug.

Q: The shipping costs for international orders seems really high. Are they correct?

They are not necessarily 100% accurate, and the cost of building a bulletproof international shipping calculator is much too expensive for a small company. To work around the international shipping costs, read the next two questions and answers.

Q: Why is foreign shipping for one  or two mugs so expensive?

There are cheaper options that are now visible in the shipping calculator. If you order one or two mugs it is close to $35 USD to ship with Priority Mail International outside of North America. However, that same order can be shipped to you using First Class International at about half the cost. The only drawback is that there is no tracking number available for First Class International - in my experience, though, the delivery time is the same and there have been no problems reported by customers.

Q: Why is foreign shipping for more than two mug so expensive?

There are cheaper options that are not visible in the shipping calculator. For example, if you order 8 mugs, which can ship together in one big box, shipping is significantly cheaper than shown in the shipping calculator. For example, shipping 4 mugs to Ireland actually costs $43.25, and shipping 8 mugs to Ireland costs $58.50. (as of May 2010) To get actual shipping costs on larger international orders, please contact me prior to placing your order and I will provide instructions.

The way that the shipping is set up in the calculator is for flat rate shipping. Most of the time the actual shipping cost is less than shown in the cart for international shipping. You will get the difference refunded to you at the time your order ships.

Q:How do I print out an invoice?

If you require a printed invoice for your order, you can print one from your account. To do so, log in to your account. Select the order number that you wish to print the invoice from in your order history, then select the Printable Invoice tab at the top of the page, and print.