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About The Mugs

Coffee Mugs, Handmade by Mug Revolution

The coffee mugs at Mug Revolution are handmade in Bend, Oregon by Owen Dearing, a studio potter since 1990. Each of Owen's coffee mugs is wheel-thrown, and when the clay is leather-hard, a hand-pulled handle is attached to the mug's body. Once the coffee mugs are completely dry, they are fired in an electric kiln. After this first firing, called a bisque firing, the bottom of the mugs are waxed and then glazed using up to four different complementary glazes. The mugs are then placed into a natural gas kiln, and fired to approximately 2,350° F. This final firing takes 14 to 16 hours depending on weather conditions. After the firing, the kiln cools down for 24-36 hours before it can be opened. The kiln is unloaded, and the coffee mugs are now ready to go to your home! For more information on how we make our coffee mugs, you'll enjoy watching our our mug making video.

Made to be used

Because Mug Revolution's mugs are fired to such a high temperature, each coffee mug is extremely durable and chip resistant. The sturdy handles are very comfortable for holding a hot cup of tea or coffee. Should you reheat your coffee or tea in the microwave, the handle on the mug will not get hot under normal circumstances. No need to wash the mugs by hand - they have no problems going through the dishwasher.

Lead Free Glazes

Green-blue love mug from Mug RevolutionUnlike many other mugs on the market, Mug Revolution's mugs all feature a food-safe white liner glaze. This extra step adds time to the making of the mug, but Owen feels strongly that customers should have absolutely no exposure to heavy metals that may cause health issues. He does not use lead, nickel, cadmium or barium in any of the glazes. Lab Tested! It's one thing to say our mugs are made with food safe glazes; it is quite another to have scientific proof to back that statement. Our mugs have been tested at the Brandywine Science Center. Results show no traces of lead or cadmium. You can see the full report here. (pdf)


Because every mug is handmade, each is slightly different and thus unique. Additionally, no two firings produce exactly the same colors due to differences in the kiln's atmosphere and slight variations when glazing.

Great Gifts!

Needless to say, Mug Revolution coffee mugs make perfect gifts that last many years. We have had numerous reports from our customers, telling us that our mugs are their favorites. See for yourself what our customers say.