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Signature Mugs

  Every once in a while, when I get time in my busy schedule, I try to let the clay and glazes take over the process, rather than the other way around. I enjoy exploring and playing with new shapes, glazes and textures - and the one-of-a-kind results that come out of the kiln! These mugs are the result of my continuing love affair with clay, glazes, and heat. I try to be a conduit for creativity with these mugs - when I do it right, I am just part of the flow. If the kiln gods are smiling, I get a big smile too! It's my pleasure to share these one of a kind, Signature Mugs with you for your enjoyment. A note on the final Oregon firing: This batch of mugs was really special. I've almost always made this line of mugs when I am close to the end of my throwing schedule, but for this batch I started off with these guys. I was not in a rush at all, like everyone else I was freaking out about the virus (still am) and these mugs were good therapy to get me through the process of adjusting to our new reality. It is my hope that you will find some comfort from using these mugs during this unprecedented, unpredictable time we are living through.