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Large Pond Signature Mug

Large Pond Signature Mug

$ 75.00
Handmade pond glazed mug measures 4-3/8" tall and 3-3/4" wide at the lip. Holds 18+ ounces of liquid. Dishwasher/microwave safe. Not only is this mug beautiful to look at, there is a wonderful sensory experience awaiting you when you hold the mug, it's got an irregular surface texture created by faceting off slabs of clay when I am working with the wet clay. The glazes used on this mug melted together very happily and create amazing rivulets - zoom in on the pics below to see what I'm talking about! (The glaze on this mug is truly spectacular and singular. The glazes were applied as thickly as I dared on the outside, risking the glaze running off the mug and sticking it to the kiln shelf during the firing. When successful, this type of adventurous glazing can be the potter's highest high when unloading the kiln!) 

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