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15 oz. Faceted Mug

15 oz. Faceted Mug

$ 100.00
3-7/8" tall, 3-5/8" wide at the rim. 15 oz. capacity. Rutile and iron glazes of my own formulation. Wheel thrown, faceted. This mug has such a sense of movement resulting from the glazes melting into and over each other at high temperatures. At the base the glaze is just hanging above the bottom edge of the seems that if the kiln was fired for five minutes longer the whole bottom momentum of the glaze flow might have given way and stuck to the kiln shelf, thus rendering the mug useless - I would have to break it to get it out of the kiln. Anyways. This one is a stunner. If you buy it look at the glazes in sunlight with a magnifier. (Warning: you will either feel stoned or incredibly peaceful while doing this activity.) Among the top five I've ever made. And I've made a lot of mugs!

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