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Runny Brown Glaze Lidded Jar

Runny Brown Glaze Lidded Jar

$ 150.00
A beautiful jar, measuring approximately 4-1/2" tall and 4-1/4" wide at the widest point. Thrown, with white glazed interior. The clay body is a bright white porcelain which really makes glazes sing. There's a lot going on in the glazes in this amazing jar. Not to mention the lid fits supremely. There is one thing that is quite amazing to me with this glazed pot. Occasionally, during the firing, the glaze "crawls". What that means is that the glaze does not stick to the clay very well due to a difference in the glaze shrinking when it dries after being dipped, and the glaze sometimes will fall off the pot in the firing. In this piece it appears that the glaze did indeed crawl in a few places, which leaves a bare spot of fired clay visible, but wow, is it ever cool that glaze peeling off and melting into the adjacent areas. This is probably not a commercially appealing glaze - earth tones rarely are - it will only appeal to the right person. But to the right person this little jar is a masterwork of chemistry, all these wonderful oxides intermingling in the glaze melt and creating something unique and in no way reproducible. In other words a one of a kind piece for sure!

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