Mug Revolution - Handmade Coffee Mugs
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Owen, I received the mug today and am very pleased with it!  Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you and Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday season and you will hear from me again.
Owen, got the mugs today. You did a great job packing them! Now, my mug is mine again. ;-) Happy Holidays!
Good morning, I have received the mugs and I love them!!!!!   Thank you so much. My daughter-in-law will be so excited. Have a blessed day.
Hi Owen! I want to let you know how much my boyfriend and I enjoy your mugs! I have quietly purchased four signature mugs and one heart mug that I gave away as a gift. I have given away every other mug I own because there is no comparison! I always drank from a huge mug, but now prefer your 10 oz signature mug size.
My best mug ever:
I don’t drink coffee for survival, I drink water instead. So when I have coffee it is only for pure pleasure. For that, my coffee mug should look gorgeous and robust, it should give me a warm feeling when I hold it. My new mug from Mug Revolution fits exactly this description. Thanks Owen!