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Hi Owen, I received the mugs I'd ordered, and they were just marvelous. I've been an artist most of my life (graphic, painting/drawing, photography) so I can appreciate artistry in almost any form. You're a terrific artist at what you do. But you also understand 'purpose' a mug is held, how it's used, the right weight for a mug, etc. These are the best mugs I've ever owned or used in my life. They're just the right weight---ie, they suggest 'earth' (as pottery always should)---but they're just the right lightness too: They feel just right, in the hand. The glazes and designs are all beautiful; so, the proportions, the lip atop (which is key, as it helps avoid liquid dripping down the side, in addition to being beautiful in its own right). And your handles are the best, hands down: I love that they're thick on top, and that you made that indentation for the thumb. (That's Nobel Prize material!) So take my praise...and I'll be ordering more in the coming weeks. (If you get a large Black and Tan Signature, I'll buy it too.) And I'll pass along the recommendation to others. And---everything non-toxic? Terrific work. Thanks, Mark
Hi Owen, I wanted to tell you that I just got my 2nd order from you, and the 3 mugs are even more beautiful than they are in the photographs---they're just stunning. It's so, so fine to know that there are still artisans in this world who, when you buy something from them, you know that it will be everything you dreamt it would be, without a hitch. Wonderful work, just wonderful. (And non-toxic. I've recommended you to a bunch of people.) Lord, you do beautiful work.
Owen is a truly incredible artisan and has created wonderful mugs for our friends and family for the past few years.  This year I had him create mugs for our kids and my wife for Christmas.  They were absolutely beautiful when I started to unpack them.  Then I noticed that through shipping one had been broken.  I was heartbroken at this point because it was for our son that lives 13 hours away from us.  So naturally I got on the phone and notified Owen of the mishap and he was very apologetic.  I told him not to worry that I knew it was not his fault.  He immediately let me know that he would be replacing it but that it would be February before he did another run of mugs. I was very pleased and can't speak highly enough about his handling of the situation.
Then low and behold I receive this package from Owen right before Christmas that contained just one of his regular mugs and a wonderful note that stated it was a replacement to at least open for Christmas!  Wow! is all I could say.  This man has a true love of his craft and a passion beyond.  He has earned my business and respect for years to come.
Hi Owen,
I forgot to send a thank you email when I received the mugs, the holidays were crazy as usual! My parents absolutely LOVE their retirement mugs, and I just wanted to send you a thank you for the beautiful work! I will absolutely recommend your work to anyone asking. Have a great day!
They all arrived in perfect shape!!!!! Love them all!!!!!! Thank you again Owen!!!! You are by far my favorite potter!