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Joan: Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Greetings Owen, I love, love, love my mugs! The mugs are unbelievably wonderful! I can't believe that you replicated the piece of music I sent you with every detail. Also, the colors of the mugs are so unique and beautiful. My partner in the event will be so surprised. I will give her a blue and a blue/green mug as a Christmas gift. (I will hoard the rest.) I can hardly wait for her to see them. You were so kind, at the last minute, to include my mugs in this recent firing. You spent a lot of time with me through emails in order to make certain that everything was right. You are a gentleman and a (pottery) scholar! Quite the craftsman - such unique, precise, desirable products. Thank you for everything.

[This message came in May, 2019 after a second order]

Dear Owen,

 My mugs arrived yesterday. These mugs are so great that I struggle to give some away, as I originally intended. Our annual piano event took place on April 28th, just a couple weeks ago. My co-sponsor and I brought our custom mugs for coffee, as we have a long day for the event. I haven’t given her the new mugs with the thumb-rest yet. I am/was saving them for her birthday in August, but I think that I can’t wait, so the next time I see her I will give her two of the new mugs. She  is also my piano teacher, and I noticed that at this last lesson that she had one of your mugs displayed on her cabinet in the studio.

 You and your mugs are so unique. This country needs more “Owens.” I used a 12 oz. mug for my coffee this morning. By the way, I am going to list just a few features that I have noticed about the mugs:

 First and foremost, the Owen Dearing mugs are exquisite.

  • I love the colors and design.
  • They are handmade.
  • (Happily) the mugs are NOT “made in China.” No offense to the Chinese, but they create mostly very inferior products compared to old American standards.
  • The feel – smoothness, shape, etc. of the mugs make them a joy to hold while enjoying coffee/tea.
  • The ‘purity’ of the materials used are reassuring.
  • The shape of the rim makes it easy to pour one cup of water in my single cup coffee maker.
  • Also, happily, they seem to be “Joan proof” – they do not chip with ordinary “Joan” use.

 Anyway, thank you for these wonderful mugs.

 All my best,


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