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Jean: Oakland Park, Florida

Dear Owen, Three (3) cheers to you! My order of 3 of your handmade mugs arrived today. I've spent the last few minutes unpacking and admiring each one. As soon as I send this email to you, I plan to sit down with a hot cup of tea in my new Love Mug. I presented the brown mug to my husband as a belated Valentine's Day gift; he wasn't sure if men were supposed to receive Valentine's gifts, but I assured him he is well worth it, one way or the other. The second Love Mug is for our daughter-in-law, which I will gift wrap and present to her tonight as a belated Valentine's Birthday Day gift that I am sure she will be as excited about as I am. Thanks for your patience and understanding when answering my questions during the ordering process. I was so excited about placing an order that I overlooked some of the information provided on your web site. In the future when someone is looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, I will surely direct them to Mug Revolution! I realize, Owen, you wear multiple hats, each one you wear with pride and it shows! Your Customer Service is second to none. My congratulations on a job well done! Sincerely, Jean

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