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RIta: Nashville, Tennessee

The cups came yesterday, and I tried one out this morning. I couldn't be more pleased. They are beautiful, but what I was really looking for was safety first and then a cup that would accomodate my disabilities. I have been disabled for many years with atypical MS, and I have lost a lot of muscle in my hands, so I need a cup that is easy for me to rest my thumb on to help grasp the cup comfortably, and then a handle that keeps my fingers from touching the hot cup because I have lost a lot of feeling and I burn myself before I realize I my fingers have gotten too hot. This cup works perfectly. No burned fingers today. The rim makes it easier to sip from and I can also rest a finger from my other hand under that lip to further hold and steady the cup without that finger getting burned either. My peppermint tea stayed warmer much longer than any cup I have ever had. And they are beautiful works of art to boot, so you can't ask for more than that. I'm just glad I found you. Thank God for google! They also arrived in perfect condition, nice packing you do.

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