Mug Revolution - Handmade Coffee Mugs
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Janet: Western Springs, IL

All I can say is I feel like Goldilocks! Having smaller hands I inevitably found mugs that were too big or bulky to handle; being a coffee/hot cocoa/herbal tea junkie I hated using mugs that were too small (had to go back for seconds). When I discovered Mug Revolution on the web, being that they were handcrafted (which I thought my husband would love, being a craftsman himself) and being based out of Bend (one of our favorite spots) I thought I would take a chance. And they are just right (as Goldilocks would say). The handles were the perfect size and the cup seemed like it was molded to fit my hand. The glaze was interesting and I appreciated the craftsmanship Owen put into it. I also appreciated the fact that if I didn't get to finish quite all of my beverage in a timely fashion (which seems to happen a lot)it stayed warmer than I've found with other mugs (and I could always pop it in the microwave if needed). These were supposed to be a Christmas present for my husband but they turned out to be a nice little surprise present for me, too. Thanks, Owen!!

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