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Using Pottery To Break Cell Phone Addiction

Ceramics class New York Times Pottery Class

I saw an interesting article in the New York Times today and wanted to share it with you. The author, Kevin Roose, a tech columnist, realized late last year that he had a serious problem when he could no longer read books, sit through a movie, or have long uninterrupted conversations. So he sought help and wrote about his experience. One of the activities that was recommended to him to help break his phone addiction was to take a pottery class.

He writes "And I pursued activities that could replace my phone habit. On the recommendation of my colleague Farhad Manjoo, I signed up for pottery classes. As it turned out, pottery makes a perfect phone substitute. It’s manually challenging and demands concentration for hours on end. It gets your hands dirty, too, which is a good deterrent to fiddling with expensive electronics."

Awesome! I couldn't help myself and wrote this comment that was published by the Times not long after I submitted it:

"Great article! I love that the author took up pottery to help with his phone addiction. I first got serious with pottery classes when I was going through my divorce over 25 years ago. While I didn’t have to deal with an addiction to my smartphone then, as they did not yet exist, I quickly noticed that I could not work on the potters wheel when my mind was not fully focused in the present moment. I credit pottery to helping me through a disastrous emotional period in my life. I can see how wonderful ceramics can be for dealing with all kinds of addictive behavior, even knowing that the activity of making ceramics is quite addictive - in the most positive way, of course. Humans have been making and using pottery for the past 20,000 years without interruption, so there’s also some primal connection to our ancestors that many potters feel when they pick up a lump of clay."

So...for anyone out there who is feeling like you are using your phone more than is good for you...get out there and get into some clay!

 Above, New York Times tech writer Kevin Roose, at pottery class.


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