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Time for a change!

If I don't count the time I fooled around in my mom's pottery studio when I was a kid, I've been really serious about pottery for about 25 years. During the first fifteen years, pottery was my main hobby. Most of my free time on evenings and weekends was happily spent making pottery and learning as much as I possibly could about building and firing kilns, making my own glazes, making clay, learning how to best sell my work, how to photograph my mugs, etc. etc. It was an all consuming hobby, one that I loved, and when I had a chance to jump in to become a full time potter in late 2008, I never looked back.

But, time has a funny way of being in constant motion, and I find that I am no longer able to keep up with the pace in this most demanding profession without giving up virtually all of my free time. After struggling with this dynamic over the past several years, I realized that something had to give in order for me to get more balance in my life.

So it is time to change, and change is a good thing! The big change with Mug Revolution is that I have decided that I will no longer be making custom mugs. By custom mugs I mean company logo mugs and Mug Builder mugs.

For all of you who love the mugs I make, fear not. I'll still be making Classic Mugs, Love Mugs, Celtic Knot Mugs, as well as Signature Mugs. All of these mug lines can be ordered if stock is available, and you can see the inventory that I have on hand on each product page.

As time goes by I have a feeling that this new phase of Mug Revolution will see some new pots put up for sale on the website that I have in mind but never had time to make - stay tuned...

To everyone who's purchased a mug from me in the past, I say very humbly and simply this: Thank You. I've had the opportunity to pursue my dream and it has been so very rewarding. This would not have been possible without you. It is a great honor for me to think that so many people have spread the word and helped my sales grow. Without a customer, a mug is not a mug. It is just a ceramic object. But when the mug goes to someone and it gets used, when the mug makes coffee or tea time a bit more special - then it becomes a mug.

You might not have known this, but by supporting me in my livelihood, you have helped keep the over twenty thousand year tradition alive of humans using handmade ceramic vessels in their daily life. From my hands to your hands, from my heart to your home - perfect. 

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  • Shannon on

    I will miss your custom mugs! My husband and I have had ours for years and they are our favorites!

  • Kay Hemrick on

    I’m a newbie to your mugs & I missed out on some great gifts not only for others but for myself… Looking forward to seeing new… You have a gift, you use it well..

  • Carol Hall on

    Congratulations on this new chapter in life. Wishing you and your family, many years of life, love and happiness. Cheers, Carol

  • ANdre CHarron on

    Just read you are semi retiring and no longer “Custum bugs” available.
    Don’t know if you remember me, last 6 months ago, i tried to order from the step by step and it didn’t work, we have chat about it, today i did want to try again, but heard your position with new life approach, and that is fine. I will try to order e built one from your catalogue and hopping it will be ok.
    FYI : my wife and myself have our own mugs for many years, from mugrevoltion, and my wife broke her own.

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