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Mug Revolution arrives in Ukraine!

A few years ago the local newspaper ran an article about Mug Revolution, and I got a phone call from Dennis Strachota who wanted me to make him some logo mugs for his story telling venture. Since then Dennis has ordered a few mugs in almost every firing that I have done. He sends them all over the world to his friends. 

This one is kind of cool, as it has gone to Ukraine. My mother's side of the family is Ukrainian. My grandmother met my grandfather in Canada, married, and the rest is history. Both were born in Canada to first generation immigrants who lived very hard lives to get established in Canada, as all immigrants who arrive with no money have to do. 

This photo arrived in my inbox today, with the following message: 

"Today, after a short quest from the Ukrainian postal service, I got my hands on a beautiful mug with the emblem of the Order of the Christmas Rose and my name. Many thanks, Mr. Dennis Strachota!"

How cool is that? I love how my mugs create connections and I am humbled by it at the same time.

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