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I was a presenter at NCECA!

Clay Stories Jim Romberg NCECA Robin Hopper

In March of 2015, I had the great honor of being a presenter at the National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Artists (NCECA) with my original idea called Clay Stories. My idea was to have a number of potters come on stage and tell a five minute story about something that they experienced in their lives pertaining to clay. The event was a huge success...and is now a permanent part of the annual NCECA conference. 

Here are three videos from the two NCECA's that I was involved with in presenting Clay Stories. The first one features Robin Hopper, one of the most famous potters of our times. Sadly, Robin just passed away in the last couple of weeks, and was very ill when he made his lovely video. The second video is one that I made, as I was not able to attend the second iteration of my event in March of 2016. In it, I talk about my first clay mentor, Jim Romberg, a lovely man and an amazing potter. The third video is Jim Romberg himself, talking about his early days in clay. When I met Jim in the late '80s in Ashland, OR where he taught at SOSC, I was a career printer, and in fact I spent close to 30 years running printing presses while spending every spare minute in a clay studio somewhere devoted to the passion that I am now blessed to be engaged in 24-7. Enjoy!





If you are interested, I wrote up some of my experiences in this blog post about NCECA 2012 Seattle and this blog post about NCECA 2014 Milwaukee. If you are a potter and have never attended, by all means go at least once, you'll be glad you did!


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