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For the love of hockey! And some new logos in the Mug Builder!

My son moved back to Bend late last summer, and he did his darnedest to convince me to play hockey with him this season. Living in Canada as a child, I grew up on skates, for my father would make an ice rink in our back yard every winter. And we did not have any distractions such as exist in today's modern world. We had radio, television with three channels to choose from, and the library. Occasionally we would go to the theater to watch a movie. So, to fill in all the time, we did a lot of skating in the winters. A lot. I loved it then and I still love it.

So in honor of my son who succeeded in getting me out on the rink after a 31 year absence, I've had two hockey related logos done and they are now in the Mug Builder. I've also added a few others, namely a cow, a goat, and a scales of justice logo for your consideration.

Can't describe in words just how great it is to play on a team with my son. It's definitely my Gordie Howe moment!

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