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KPOV Bend Oregon Community Radio

Community Radio KPOV

I've had the distinct honor to provide many mugs to our local community radio station, KPOV, in Bend, Oregon over the past nine or ten years for pledge drive gifts. I've lost track of how many I have donated. It's got to be well north of 150 by now and it's one of the best causes I feel that my small business can donate to. All community radio stations are kept alive by countless volunteer hours contributed by some very talented and passionate people, and KPOV is no different. We are blessed in Bend to have this wonderful resource which has many wonderful programs, with local news, special interest and fantastic music shows comprising some of the offerings. (You can tune in locally at 88.9 FM, listen live online at or you can download the free app for your mobile device or tablet.)

The mug in the photo is one of the ones I made for the 2017 spring pledge drive.

I'm proud to be a part (in a very small way) of helping our station stay on the air. The tagline at KPOV is "Radio by the people, for the people." So, do yourself and your community a favor, if you have a community radio station in your community, please help it keep going. There is truly some amazing, passionate radio going on around the country, and community radio fills a nice that commercial radio simply cannot. 

kpov mug photo

This is Linda Spring, who does the Thursday morning show on The Point called Radio Active Art on KPOV. I took this shot right before she interviewed me on-air on April 27th, 2017. We had quite a blast!

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