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Welcome to the new Mug Revolution dot com website!

Welcome to the new and improved website! If you are a returning customer, please note that the username/password combo that you had used to access your account will not work on this new site. Instead, you'll have to create a new user profile. 

I'm super excited to introduce, along with the new website, a new direction that I have been quietly exploring for some time now - Signature Mugs. The Signature Mugs are mugs that I have created without trying to conform to a specific size, holding capacity, or shape. I'm super excited about them, and look forward to further exploration along this theme! Of course I will happily be making the many mug products that I have been making for quite a few years now - so don't worry that I'm going to abandon what I've been doing. I'm not - just adding some new mugs make me very proud to be able to say "I made them!"

I also have two new glaze colors that have been added for your enjoyment: Tiger Eye (on the left) and Sand Storm (on the right)!

Tiger Eye Sand Storm

I hope you enjoy the new site, and look forward to any feedback you have to offer.

Many thanks for all of you who are supporting a passionate potter!

– Owen


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