Mug Revolution

See How They'r Made

Looking for handmade coffee mugs? Mug Revolution produces the highest quality handmade coffee mugs at our studio located in Bend, Oregon. Our passion for making the best handmade coffee mugs and our commitment to customer service set us apart as a company. You deserve one of life's simple pleasures!


Next ship date for custom mugs is June 17, 2015. To get in on this ship date, orders should be placed by May 25, 2015.  (The order-by date is subject to change as orders fill). 

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Lead Free Glazes:  It's one thing to say our mugs are made with food safe glazes - it is quite another to have lab tests done to back that statement. Our coffee mugs have been tested in (2009 and in 2013) at the Brandywine Science Center. Results show no traces of lead or cadmium. See the full report here. (.pdf)

Non-Toxic CLay

The clay that is used to make your mugs is certified 100% non-toxic, and is made from raw materials from the USA. Read more about it on the Common Questions page.

Slight imperfections are a part of handmade pottery and add character to the mugs I make. This is something that you cannot find in lifeless, factory made ceramic ware - but you knew that already, and that is why you are here!

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